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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Well again I’m awake too early. At time of writing it’s seven minutes past five, but I’ve been awake half an hour earlier than that. Yet again insomnia rules.

Outside it’s bright. It’s also Sunday. I’m also working. Unbothered by that. Whatever Sunday is for me it’s not a day of rest.

Late last night something rare was happening. There was a live Wales Rugby match on the television. Wales vs South Africa but held in America for whatever reason.  Wife was (for the late hour) surprisingly awake (I’d recorded the game for her). I, eventually after a microwave meal of LIDL’s spaghetti with added grated cheese was not by the fact I nodded off well before the end.

First Minister Carwyn Jones tweeted yesterday that he was consulting with the British embassy in America concerning the Trump steel tariffs which could have a major effect on the steel plant in Port Talbot. Originally I’d assumed he’d flown there specially but could not understands why he was speaking to the embassy in a way that suggested top level discussions when he wasn’t speaking to anyone in the American administration. Only later did the penny drop (thanks to Twitter, @ceribethlehem to be precise) that he was there because of the rugby game. Reality forcing him to put South Walian families on his list of things to do. You cannot help but think that yet again with regard to the Tata steelworks the First Minister has been caught on the hop without having any preparation for this scenario (which surprising with regard to it’s timing was not unforeseen)

If anything did happen to the Port Talbot steelworks (and let’s hope it doesn’t) you know that Carwyn Jones is going to give interviews blaming Trump. And whilst that would be true he cannot escape yet again the charge that he was unprepared for events.

Well reality bites doesn’t it your First Ministership? Perhaps whilst you are there in the fag end of your uninspiring leadership you can put a word in for Bridgend Ford as well? You representing Bridgend in the Assembly and all that? It would make (as I’ve said before in this blog) a change to do something Bridgend centric.

The birds are beginning to sing. Why do birds sing? Who knows? Conjoined of course with the question Why do fools fall in love?

Sun is very much coming out now. But I can also see the moon. I’m fifty four and those things still get to me. That and why people vote Conservative.

Six O’clock: Time for Breakfast.

Quasi Continental

I must admit that for the past few years my breakfast choice has gone continental with the croissants (though full disclosure here this is from Lidl’s – with added jam – Oh I’ve mentioned them twice. Well don’t be surprised. Reckon Lidl’s or Aldi will be the supermarket of choice after Brexit). Mind you there’s no orange juice (ran out) and the the default mechanism hot drink wise at home for most people this side of the channel is still tea.

If croissants are not available I go for porridge (with added jam) instead. Only in emergencies now do I go for throwing milk at a bowl filled with [insert cereal here]. Perhaps it’s an age thing. I don’t honestly know.

There’s a fly I notice in the room. The windows are for the moment closed but the fly’s still there. Moving in that sort of jagged jolted movements they do. Can’t really go for it for the moment until it finds itself clinging to a wall….then I’ll strike…..and probably miss.

There’s a picture I’ve seen on Twitter about a rally for Scottish Independence in Dumfries. Amongst a group of people with the Banner English Scots for Yes. There’s a guy with an England football shirt.

As I’ve explained before people should not be surprised by this. You may believe as I do that Wales should be independent from England for various reasons but let’s just start with one (it’s a country in it’s own right) but football is different. If you’re a football fan you’d understand.

The fly was by the table….missed.

Ah well.

Until the next time.