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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.For reasons I won’t bore you with yesterday I found myself with time to wander around two different places in South Wales yesterday. I’ve already dealt with Barry Town a bit in this blog so won’t dwell on it that much but Whitchurch (a suburb of Cardiff) is new.

So let’s start then with Barry Town.

I call this “View From Barry Town Car Park”

Now I like Barry Town, and it doesn’t have the death spiral feel of Bridgend Town, but (referring to the high street) it must be careful not to fall in the same trap it’s near neighbour did. It’s not easy to work out the extent, partly because a number of outlets are being renovated and some (closed when I was there) were sort of takeaways/restaurants open in the evening, but it’s not immune to shops closures.

I still feel though that what happens to this place (which I mentioned in my last post) is a bell weather to what will happen to the town as a whole if no one is careful.

Still Closed

As I mentioned in the previous post this is the Filco convenience store which has been closed since December last year. All retail closures are obviously bad news for the town, but like Bridgend Town with it’s McDonald’s or Phones4U there is something particularly depressing when the shell of the previous owners is still there after a particular length of time.

You may remember that I had a go at Cardiff Councillor Russell Goodway for suggesting that Barry Town did not have a purpose. In it I mentioned that by his logic (which I didn’t agree with) you could make the same argument for most parts of Cardiff.

Whitchurch is a case in point. By Councillor Goodway’s argument it’s just a purposeless suburb that should just be called “something on the outside of the important bits of the capital” and forgotten about. But places evolve into a character of it’s own. And Whitchurch is no exception. Circumstances meant I had an hour to wander round the place so here we go.

The main high street in Whitchurch is a delightful throwback to the Seventies with amongst the established names there are also the quirky shops. Unfortunately some shops so embrace the seventies they actually closed at 1pm on a Wednesday afternoon. Including annoyingly the Welsh Language shop.

A settled place I think

And of course amidst the coffee shops, bars, delis, gift shops there are a few charity shops. This from The Cancer Society Shop is worth a mention.

Is it just me or does Tracey seem a bit demonic?

It does have an impressive looking church, even for an atheist like me.

No need to wear a watch here

What bothered me about this church was that there were some parts of the cemetery outside where the grass had been cut and some which were not. Have no idea as to why but surely this should done equally just to respect the dead?

Example One
Example Two

As I’ve said the church was impressive looking. This spoilt it.

Walked past the local High School when I saw this sign.

Thing Is…

What’s wrong with this sign? Well it’s the following year. So no pressure on the class of 2018 then.

Sometimes you know you turn a street not specifically looking for anything and you are caught by surprise. St Mary’s Church didn’t give me that feeling. This did.

As Unexpected As It Was Impressive

I have no idea whether it was a planned thing or not. But that was unquestionably the best bit of graffiti art I have ever witnessed personally.

Whitchurch then. Settled. Relaxed. At ease with itself.

Perhaps that should it’s motto.

Until the next time.