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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Well what can I say? Regular readers will know that I’ve read Jane Austen books with an open mind. Until the last book Lady Susan my view was neutral.

And of course I’m a fifty four year old man, so not her natural audience. Also everything I’m going to say is on the understanding that I haven’t read all of her novels including the biggie Pride and Prejudice.

But I’ve finished Northanger Abbey, and well, I was bored.

It actually started so well. I got the fish out of water theme it seemed interesting enough. But then my mind was rather dulled by it all and then it started to wander until at the very end I really couldn’t care less if all of the characters jumped off a cliff in mass suicide (spoiler alert:they don’t).

So why don’t I like her now? Well not being her audience is clearly a factor but not the only one. I think possibly because her male and female characters seem like clichés to me. Perhaps this “comedy of manners” thing is not for me. We shall see when I read her next time.

The next book was Letters Of George Borrow to the British and Foreign Bible Society. I enjoyed reading this, having taken a bit of an interest since he was mentioned in Robert Macfarlane’s Tracks. But if you don’t know George Borrow from George and the Dragon this will have no interest for you whatsoever and best avoided.

The Death of Balder a short play was the next thing. I don’t like reading plays as a rule. I didn’t like this one.

The next book is All Hell Let Loose by Max Hastings about the second World War. I’ve read his book about the D-day landings and liked it and so am looking forward to reading this.

Jane Austen it is not.

Until the next time.