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Category: Public affairs

New Party, Fresh Start

It has become clear to many of us that eighteen years of devolution have achieved nothing. For by any criterion one wishes to apply Wales is worse off today than she was twenty years ago. Our country is poorer, our children are...

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Business as usual?

“It does look like ‘no’. Those were the shattering words of a BBC journalist covering the 1997 referendum. For this snapshot in time, the course of Wales seemed guaranteed to be a monotonous and tedious path along a road already...

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Merthyr Ski Slope

WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? The latest mega-project to be promised to the Heads of the Valleys is the Merthyr Ski Slope. But the goodies don’t end with just a ski slope, no, sir! for according to WalesOnline and Siôn Barry: “The...

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Every vote counts?

Winner-takes-all. It’s an idea that’s fun for rugby and football matches. Not so much when it comes to running a democracy. We saw that last month, when we learnt that under Westminster’s winner-takes-all voting system, a...

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Human Trafficking

PEMBROKESHIRE CARE AND CYMDEITHAS GOFAL Human trafficking is a term we’ve become increasingly familiar with in recent years, it’s a clandestine and largely illegal activity that reduces human beings to transferable commodities,...

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