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Blind faith

Tweet Following his resignation as Brexit Secretary, David Davis has rounded on those who claimed that he had no alternative proposal of his own, and he took to the pages of the Sunday Times (paywall) to refute the claim and...

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Two birds, one stone

Tweet Yesterday’s interview in which the Prime Minister revealed to the world the ‘sage’ advice which Trump had given her about dealing with the EU – sue them, although on what grounds remains unclear – was one of...

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Green(s) Bottle it.

Via @glynbeddau Some people have been quick to react to the news that Green Party members in Wales have voted overwhelmingly against a split with the English Green Party with criticism. But before we single them out , we must...

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Listening to your own voice

Via @gwallter I have a memory of making a cassette recording of my granny, on one of our summer visits to Ayr in the 1960s, reciting a poem by Robert Burns. Burns was born and brought up in Alloway, just down the road, and...

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