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Author: RUK Cymru

A new era of prosperity for Wales?

A new era of prosperity for Wales? The UK Government today published the long-awaited review into tidal lagoons. Commissioned last February, the review was Chaired by the highly experienced former DECC Minister, Charles Hendry. The review adds to the body of evidence showing the huge potential benefits to the Welsh and UK economy from the development of a fleet of lagoons, and potentially helps the argument for public investment in the project. Agreement on a strike price for the electricity generated from the proposed Swansea Bay tidal lagoon, alongside the environmental permits from Natural Resources Wales, are the final...

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Renewable energy in Wales: “We must do better”

Jan 6, 2017 The pre-Christmas period saw the publication of the latest version of Energy Trends, the quarterly UK Government publication of energy statistics. The headline figures are always interesting, but more so for followers of Welsh issues was the inclusion of separate data on Welsh energy generation and use. What these statistics underline is that electricity generation and use in Wales is finely balanced; by the end of 2015 (a year in which the Wylfa nuclear power plant was still operational), Wales generated a small surplus which was exported to the Republic of Ireland. However they also demonstrate...

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Wind energy; even better than we thought!

Dec 19, 2016 A team of academics at Edinburgh University has carried out an in-depth study of the contribution of wind energy to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the UK. The paper is published in Energy Policy as an open access (free) publication. In contrast to other existing studies, the study used only operational data and made no assumptions about dispatch (i.e. about what energy sources were used at a given moment). The research concludes that existing methods tend to systematically under-report the real contribution of wind energy to carbon reduction. This has implications for the value of wind energy...

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Tea with award-winners

Dec 15, 2016 The 2016 winner of the Wales Green Energy Awards for the public sector, Natural Resources Wales, formally accepted their award from the category sponsor, Freshwater. Freshwater have a long association with the awards, and are active in the energy sector in Wales, representing the interests of a number of renewable energy companies in their engagement with local communities, and at a strategic level. [embedded content] Andrew Eilbeck, Director of Raymond Brown in Wales, and a member of the judging panel, explains why Natural Resources Wales were awarded the prize. “Natural Resources Wales has demonstrated leadership, vision and total commitment to improving the lives of the people of Wales” – David Clubb Commenting on the occasion, David Clubb said: “It’s always a pleasure to spend time with multi-award-winners, and today was no exception. “Natural Resources Wales has an impressive track record in working with communities and developers in order to facilitate the right projects in the right places. “One only has to look at our joint work on the Energy Park concept to see that partnership working is in the organisation’s DNA.” [embedded content] Source: RenewableUK...

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Renewables hub created in London

Our friends at the Solar Trade Association have signed a lease to share accommodation with our colleagues at our head office in London. The move creates a shared space with two of the UK’s most influential energy trade bodies, and will lead to closer working between two of the most complementary energy technologies – wind and solar. Wind and solar are complementary because wind output is significantly higher outside the summer months, meaning that a combination of large installed solar and wind capacity provides solid year-round generation “This development will increase collaboration and strengthen both our sectors” – David...

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