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Author: One Planet Council

One Planet Development and the Well-Being of Future Generations Act

One Planet Development and the Well-Being of Future Generations Act The One Planet Council has created a simple briefing sheet that outlines how One Planet Development is supported by the Well-Being of Future Generations Act – and vice versa. It sets out the benefits of One Planet Developments in the Welsh legislative context. It summarises the planning policy and identifies – in the goals of the Well-Being Of Future Generations Act and other relevant Welsh legislation – the aims of public bodies that may be assisted by supporting One Planet Developments. It finishes by presenting some conclusions and recommendations. The chief...

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Future of Farming in Wales post-Brexit

Future of Farming in Wales post-Brexit The One Planet Council has published its response to the Welsh Government’s Climate Change, Environment and Rural Affairs Committee’s Inquiry into the Future of Agricultural and Rural Development Policies in Wales. The Council believes that Brexit offers an opportunity to redefine Wales’ relationship with the land and to align policies and practices with the aspirations of Wales’ recent groundbreaking and excellent legislation around sustainability. We believe: The principal aim of policy should be the encouragement of sustainable land stewardship by landowners, farmers, land managers and foresters with a view to maximising sustainable: food...

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Welsh government confirms commitment to ecological footprinting

The Welsh government has confirmed its commitments to using ecological footprinting as a means of measuring progress under the Well-Being of Future Generations Act and to achieving its goal that the ecological footprint of the whole of Wales should be reduced to its fair share of the planet’s total ecological footprint within a generation – taken to be by 2050. The renewed commitment is stated in a response to a freedom of information (FOI) request concerning the status of ecological footprinting made by David Thorpe, a patron of the One Planet Council. The response links to a 2015 update on Wales’ ecological footprint...

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One Planet produce label takes off!

The One Planet Council has launched a label to identify produce grown on One Planet Developments. Only One Planet Development business owners may use the label. The ‘One Planet Produce’ label serves both to raise awareness, and so that consumers can see the provenance of the goods they are purchasing. Consumers will have confidence that the product is from a land-based business on an approved One Planet Development with a low ecological footprint. Although not accredited ‘organic’ it is likely to be so. This is the only product mark we are aware of that gives consumers such confidence. Source: One...

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Pembrokeshire OPD features on Channel 4’s Grand Designs

Simon and Jasmine Dale’s low impact smallholding, located within the Lammas Eco village in Glandwr, Pembrokeshire, has just featured on Channel 4’s Grand Designs. Their beautiful energy efficient dwelling, was self-designed and built with the help of volunteers for only £27,000. A remarkably achievement when you consider that a regular self-built home of similar size and spec would normally cost at least six times this much. Presenter Kevin McCloud says: “You might think this is just a bunch of hippies having fun on the side of a hill in Wales, but this is a research project and enshrined in government policy.” He is “in awe”...

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