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Author: National Left

Labour can't win a UK General Election and need to help build alliances.

Labour can’t win a UK General Election and need to help build alliances. Shadow Welsh Secretary Jo Stevens has rejected as “utter nonsense” the idea Labour cannot win a general election. Ms Stevens said Labour could win if it was “bold and credible and radical enough” in its manifesto and policies. Er Bold like Carwyn Jones and the “Labour”not a coalition? Wales has suffered  for years from the lethargic government of Carwyn Jones who strategy seems to be to rely on the fact they are not the Tories A Fabian Society report said the party was “too weak” to take power without support from other parties. and it is “unthinkable” that Labour will win a majority at the next election so it must be able to form a governing partnership with other parties,  Its polling analysis suggests Labour’s share of the vote could fall to 20%, sending its number of MPs tumbling from 231 today to as few as 140. Andrew Harrop, the General Secretary of the Fabian Society and the author of the report, argues that “a wounded Labour party will have to get used to the idea that it will need to work alongside others”. Winning a majority of one would require an electoral swing of 8.7%, compared to the 4.6% that was required in 2015. Mr Harrop writes:  “In other words, Labour is around twice as far from...

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Where is Alf Tupper (The Tough of the Track) today?

Where is Alf Tupper (The Tough of the Track) today? Where  we refer to some elite sports we are not only talking about success  but also a class divide, As a young boy nearly 50 years ago I used ti read the Victor and then exploits of Alf Tupper (The Tough of the Track) today. Whatever his job and wherever it was located, Alf was the eternal underdog.Regarded as a “guttersnipe” by the posh blokes from the Amateur Athletic Association, he was at his best the day after a night on late shift, lifting heavy objects and getting little sleep. His journey to the track (often White City) almost invariably involved falling asleep on the train and missing his stop. Sometimes his tardiness was caused by skullduggery of the worst kind by “stuck-up” rich boys from a university somewhere, but usually it was because he could not stop himself from rescuing people in distress or just generally being a selfless chap. Regardless of this, he always got there in the nick of time and, having just finished his fish and chips, went on to win the championships or even, in “end of series” stories, break the world record for the mile and utter his famous catchphrase “I ran ’em all!” I was reminded of Alf when reading on the BBC Scotland news that  ” An overwhelming majority of Scotland’s publicly-funded elite athletes are drawn...

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