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Theresa May wants "fairness". She should reverse austerity cuts.

Theresa May wants “fairness”. She should reverse austerity cuts. The BBC Wales  website covers a report thatThe rising cost of social care could force some councils to merge, according to the chief executive of the Welsh Local Government Association. Steve Thomas said social care costs were expected to double over the next 15 years. But he said overall council budgets would continue to decline. Which asks the question just how will Prime Minister Theresa May balance this with her  promise to introduce wide-ranging social reforms to correct what she calls the “burning injustices” in modern society? In the Sunday Times  Mrs May writes that a “shared society” means “a society that doesn’t just value our individual rights but focuses rather more on the responsibilities we have to one another… with a commitment to fairness at its heart”. “It goes to the heart of my belief that there is more to life than individualism and self-interest,” she said. “The social and cultural unions represented by families, communities, towns, cities, counties and nations are the things that define us and make us strong. “And it is the job of government to encourage and nurture these relationships and institutions where it can, and to correct the injustice and unfairness that divides us wherever it is found… “From tackling the increasing lack of affordability in housing, fixing broken markets to help with the cost of...

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Shouldn't we know by now What Brexit means Brexit, um means.

Shouldn’t we know by now What Brexit means Brexit, um means. I am beginning   to think we may have to turn to anew edition of the Oxford English Dictionary so we can look up the meaning of Brexit. The much vaulted Theresa Mays claim that “Brexit means Brexit” has clearly not answered  and even the term Hard, Soft and ridiculous Red, White and Blue Brexit has left even those who take an active interest in politics scratching our heads. One model that of Norway has been led  Welsh First Minister  Jones to visit that country  – which is not a member of the EU but is part of the single market – and said the country’s model offered an alternative to “unlimited” freedom of movement. [embedded content] The Welsh Labour leader said it was not possible to have access to the single market and maintain “full control over immigration” but suggested a “reasonable compromise” could be reached Speaking shortly before he left Norway, he said:  “I think it’s important as we look for the right model for the UK as it leaves the EU that we look at the experience of other countries. There’s much to learn here in Norway – not quite the exact fit for Wales because agriculture and fisheries are subject to tariffs when Norway exports to the EU. “They do however have a system of freedom of movement which I...

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Labour may lose several Welsh Councils next May. Who will they blame.

Labour may lose several Welsh Councils next May. Who will they blame. It is somewhat unusual for a party to claim that it is bracing itself for losses in election a forthcoming election but Labour in Wales (which is mire accurate than Welsh Labour according to the Wasting Mule. They quote  a  senior Labour source said: “We will be facing tough challenges in councils we hold from Independent, Plaid Cymru and Ukip candidates. “There’s no escaping the fact that Jeremy Corbyn is a vote loser and that we have no chance of recovering while he remains the leader.” Another senior party source said: “Yes, the council elections this year are going to be difficult for us. “But we firstly need to remember that 2012 [when the last council elections in Wales were held] was an unusually good one for Labour, when we won back a number of councils we had previously lost.  “I would expect us to do worse in 2017 than we did in our last poor year 2008 in terms of share of the vote, but not to lose control of as many councils.“This year we’re vulnerable in Merthyr Tydfil, Caerphilly, Blaenau Gwent, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Cardiff, Swansea and Newport – as well as in Wrexham, which we’ve already lost because of defections from the Labour group during the current term. It seems rather odd to include...

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“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.” As Oscar Wilde put it It is somewhat ironic that  an academic report  that Wales needs more “innovative” grassroots media to help explain how the nation works and hold those in power to account,  seems to be hardly reported. Dr Daniel Evans of Cardiff University said there was a “farcical situation” where people did not know who ran what, leading to a lack of scrutiny. He pointed to findings that fewer than 5% of Welsh people read Welsh papers. Yes 5% and it is worrying that those of us who take an active interest in Welsh Politics could be fooled in thinking that even a major scandal  will have an impact on Opinion Polls or Elections. The assembly could play a part in supporting services such as blogs and hyperlocal websites, he added. “Welsh people simply don’t hear anything about Wales or Welsh politics,” Dr Evans wrote in an article for the Open Democracy website. “The general lack of coverage about the Welsh assembly or Welsh policy distinctiveness has led to a farcical situation whereby no one knows who does what, who is in charge of what, and so on. “In my own field of education research, for example, teachers have told me how they are frequently confronted by upset parents scared about changes to education, unaware that the changes they have...

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Unpublished Comments

Unpublished Comments My apologiese for not responding and publishing comment since a change by blogger I have not been informed that there were comments awaiting moderation. Have now published outstanding com!ents and hope the problem rectified. Source: National...

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