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Author: National Left

Unionist Corbyn pours cold water on Federalist plans.

Unionist Corbyn pours cold water on Federalist plans. It is interesting that  that Labour, who it is remembered originally supported Hpme Rule All-round  at least until Ireland gained Independence when it was quite dropped to be replaced with outright opposition have been musing over Fedralism The Blog Thinking Wales – Meddwl Cymru tells us that Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell has called for a “radical federal” UK in a recent interview with The Herald, marking a change of policy for the Labour Party. McDonnell’s calls have come amid renewed talk of a potential second referendum on Scottish independence and Labour’s attempt to win back supporters in Scotland in light of the party falling further and further behind in one of its former heartlands. Labour is losing ground to the Tories in the constitutional debate in Scotland and needs to offer a convincing argument to the Scottish people in order to win back support. But where does Wales fit in to this plan? Considering calls for federalism from Welsh Labour have been ignored in the past, it is questionable whether the implications on Wales have been thought through. They note that  Welsh Labour Leader and First Minister Carwyn Jones has been calling for a “constitutional convention” for a few years, but as noted by David Moon in 2014 when Ed Miliband was leader, it largely fell on deaf ears within the Labour Party hierarchy. In a speech in...

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Plaid accused of "Pork Barrel Politics" by sneering Labour,

Plaid accused of “Pork Barrel Politics” by sneering Labour, Labour in  The National Assembly really nust come to Terms that they can’t at the moment carry forward in the assembly without doing deals with other Parties  in the  last full session before the election last May ended in acrimony with the defeat of the Labour government’s bid to introduce a partial ban on e-cigarettes in public places following a “jokey” comment made by a Minister. This unexpected decision meant there was to be be no legal ban on “vaping” in Wales. Plaid Cymru, which had originally given its AMs a free...

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The Lib Dems thnk Remainers will forgive their sins over backing the Tories.

The Lib Dems thnk Remainers will forgive their sins over backing the Tories. Poor Jeremy Corbyn can’t   win.  Despite the impression given by Labour HQ overnight that Jeremy Corbyn was on the point of ditching his long-held backing of the freedom of movement of European citizens – that allows an unlimited number of them to come and live and work in the UK – He has not changed his mind on the most basic question when it comes to immigration.  Does he think that the current levels, with 190,000 EU citizens coming to the UK last year, are too...

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Not to be touched, Good, Useful and Bad Immigrants

Not to be touched, Good, Useful and Bad Immigrants As Immigration and Migrant workers were a major factor in the Leave vote last May it is interesting to note that probably migrant workers who are probably  poorest paid and face the worst working  conditions will be allowed to continue to come to the UK   The environment secretary says she is “absolutely committed” to ensuring that British farmers have access to migrant workers after Brexit. Andrea Leadsom said the government would ensure the food and farming sectors have the labour they need but the details were not settled yet. Mrs Leadsom also said that leaving the EU will allow the government to slash “ridiculous” farming red tape. Around 60,000 seasonal workers come to the UK each summer, mainly from eastern Europe. Many crop growers depend on these labourers to plant, pick and pack a variety of fruit and vegetables. Mrs Leadsom acknowledged that this was a key issue and was worrying farmers across the UK. “I’ve heard this loud and clear around the country, whether in Herefordshire, Sussex, or Northamptonshire, and I want to pay tribute to the many workers from Europe who contribute so much to our farming industry and rural communities,” she told the Oxford Farming Conference. “Access to labour is very much an important part of our current discussions – and we’re committed to working with you to...

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"Lord" Hain objects to Tory Knighthood.

“Lord” Hain objects to Tory Knighthood. It seems rather odd that someone who gleefully  received a life long seat in the House of Lords and used it to to push forward something he probably genuinely believers in   should object to someone being awarded  a Knighthood for  “for political service and service to the community”. and  maybe opposing the “Noble Lords” plans According to the “Wasting Mule” Former Welsh Secretary Peter Hain has criticised the awarding of a knighthood to a major Tory donor whose influence he believes scuppered the Severn Barrage project. The proposed barrage from Cardiff to Weston-super-Mare could have seen more than £30bn of private money invested in the renewable energy project, creating an estimated 50,000 jobs and potentially generating up to 7% of the UK’s electricity needs. [embedded content] But David Ord, the joint owner of Bristol Port who was knighted in the New Year’s Honours List , was one of the most vocal opponents of the scheme, which foundered in 2014 after its failure to secure UK Government backing. He and his companies have donated a total of £930,000 to the Conservative Party. Lord Hain said the Government’s attitude to towards the barrage soured after Mr Ord voiced his opposition to it. There was a very noticeable change in their approach, and George Osborne [who was Chancellor] effectively kicked it into the long grass. “I have never understood David Ord’s opposition to the barrage. He took...

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