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Author: Glyn Davies

Is Theresa May Maggie Reborn ?

Is Theresa May Maggie Reborn ? The Prime Minister made a very powerful speech today, outlining her strategy for the UK’s exit from the EU. It was more powerful than I expected, and will have left no doubt in the minds of anyone listening that the UK will be leaving. It was good that she began by telling us that both the Commons and the Lords  will have the opportunity to vote on the final deal – assuming there is one!! Took away some of the anti. It was a strong confident performance based around clear principles. The UK is leaving the EU to embrace the world, and create a stronger, fairer, more united Britain, where our children and grandchildren will have a brighter future. I like this line – heard too many ‘remainers’ telling me they voted ‘Remain’  for their children and grandchildren, as if I didn’t care about ours. The Prime Minister was at pains to be nice to the EU. The language was friendly. Hope they appreciate that. She made it clear that the UK is leaving the EU, but not leaving Europe and wants as positive a deal for both sides in any negotiations. But she also made clear if there is no deal acceptable to the UK, she as our Prime Minister will favour the UK just walking away. She made a point of...

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Green light for Green ‘Lagoon’ Power?

Green light for Green ‘Lagoon’ Power? The Energy and Climate Change Committee is gone, deceased, defunct, but I’m still interested in energy generation projects. For many years, I’ve thought it must be possible to source energy from the power of the tides that surround the British coastline. Had high hopes for the Severn Barrage, but it wasn’t to be. And then a few years ago, the Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon floated into view. I would love to see it fly, but never been totally convinced it will, despite really wanting it to. Well maybe today is the start of...

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A&E Services in Shropshire and Mid Wales.

A&E Services in Shropshire and Mid Wales. MP for Shrewsbury, Daniel Kawcycinski has secured tomorrow’s adjournment debate. It’s decided by ballot and will take place after the 7.00pm votes. It’s on the subject of ‘A&E services in Shropshire and Mid Wales’. Normally adjournment debates are confined to the MP whose debate it is and the responding Minister. Because Health Minister, Philip Dunne, MP for Ludlow has a constituency interest, it will probably be Health Minister, David Mowatt who responds. However, I have asked Daniel and the Speaker’s office if I can also speak. 2/3 minutes will do. I very much hope so, and this blog post is roughly what I will say if I ‘catch the Speaker’s Eye’, as we say in Westminster-speak. Point 1 – have three points to make. Firstly to emphasise that the major Shropshire hospitals serve Mid Wales as well as Shropshire. The Welsh Parliament (as I like to call it)  is a devolved parliament. It is not the  parliament of an Independent country. There is no hard border twixt England and Wales. There are financing arrangements which allow for NHS services to be accessed where best for the patients. Those calling for anything else have no proper understanding of what devolution means. Emergency care, secondary care, elective care, specialist care (whatever you call it) for most of Montgomeryshire  is accessed in Shropshire. This is...

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Colostomy Irrigation.

Colostomy Irrigation. I sometimes speak and write about my experiences of Bowel Cancer – particularly colostomy Irrigation of which I am an enthusiastic supporter. Because it has changed my life, I try to persuade my fellow-ostomates to give it a go. It’s always surprised me that so few British ostomates do, as opposed to the US, where I’m told most do. Perhaps it because all the equipment in the UK is free, which in the US, it has to be paid for. Colostomy irrigation has very little cost. I’ll just do a paragraph on how I acquired my colostomy, and a para on what Irrigation involves. It seems so strange to me that so few people know. In 2002, in consultation with my surgeon, Mr Hunt, we decided on a Lower Bowel Re-section to remove a cancerous tumour. It was a big op, around 5/6 hours. It involved removal of the lower part of the bowel, the rectum, anus and sphincter muscles, bringing the cut end of the bowel out though an incision in the abdomen to form a colostomy. Looks like a cute little opening rosebud, about an inch across. It’s quite radical, so unsurprisingly it takes a while to settle down. That part of our bodies we sit is not ‘flat’ so just pulling the skin across and stitching it up needs time. And I found infections...

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UK will re-engage with the World.

Back to Westminster tomorrow. Next three months is a key period in British history, equivalent to the British withdrawal from ‘Empire’ in middle of last century. Daresay the politicians and public didn’t realise they were part of such immense historic change then either. Not that there will be anything dramatic. That’s not our Prime Minister’s style. She is not going to be rushed by the desperate demands to satisfy the hunger of the 24 hr news cycle. How often does she have to say “No running commentary”. One way or another, Article 50 will be invoked by end of March. But won’t be much negotiating til after French and German elections. Hopefully the EU will quickly agree to quarentee future residence for those EU migrants legally in the UK, and UK migrants legally in the EU. Andrea Leadsom, Sec of State at Defra tried to reassure the farming industry on this point last week. We’re told the Prime Minister is due to give us some idea of how she is thinking. Personally I hope she won’t be tempted to give much meat to the news hounds. Only make them bark louder. But Brexit is not the substance on this blog. It’s more how we as MPs react to it. Will we be able to do much else! And what else will we do! Reason I’m thinking about this tonight...

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