Author: Glyn Davies

Colombia Update

@glyndavies Now it’s on to the third leg of my three week Colombia visit. First leg was the capital, Bogata where I had arranged lots of meetings to get a feel for the politics and trade potential. Second leg was the city of...

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Report from Medellin

@glyndavies Medellin is the most stunning place I’ve ever been to. In 1992 it was the most murderous city in the world (over 27,000 murders). Today it’s mainly peaceful. A truly astonishing level of forgiveness. In 1950...

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Colombia – County Times

@glyndavies I am spending the first weeks of August in Bogotá, capital city of Colombia in South America. It’s a country not as well known within the UK as its size and importance warrants. Colombia has a population of 50...

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