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Grid poverty; is mid-Wales vulnerable?

Some of the Pen y Cymoedd turbines lit up for the official opening. I recently attended the official launch of the Pen y Cymoedd windfarm. As the largest onshore windfarm in Wales, it’s a project of great significance in our move to a low-carbon economy, as well as an elegant and beautiful monument to Wales’ slow change from a fossil-fuel pioneering nation, to a renewable energy powerhouse. [embedded content] Being part of the excited throng brought back memories of a blog post I wrote way back in 2013 which contrasted the potential — now real — benefits of wind due to Pen y...

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Film: a world of possiblities for all

As a mother of two small children, I spend an inordinate amount of time reading up on how best to support their learning and development. It regularly feels like an uphill struggle to stay out of the ‘unwise parenting zone’. Thankfully, there are some things that children enjoy, which are also good for them – and for society. Film is one of them. As head of Into Film Cymru, a branch of the leading UK-wide education charity, Into Film, I can categorically tell you that watching and making films are good for children and young people. It entertains, inspires...

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The Soul of Swansea

In a standout-image in Colin Riddle’s exhibition at Swansea Museum three well-dressed ladies support each other as they negotiate a difficult, sloping, curving, end of terrace section of pavement in one of the town’s not untypical hilly neighbourhoods. The photograph is essentially one depicting the extensive brickwork of an earlier generation of masons. In this drab urban context the ladies provide both colour and personality, but they do not have the photograph entirely to themselves. High above them on a perilously perched terrace a family’s washing has been strung out to dry on what is fairly obviously not a...

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Earning Potential: What Welsh Graduates Can Expect

In June 2017 the Longitudinal Education Outcome (LEO), the first full data set of earnings data from University courses across the UK, was published. The information matches HE data about graduates’ courses with earnings data from PAYE records at HMRC.  As such it provides a powerful comparator of the salaries students at different universities studying different courses can expect to achieve. Some analysis has been undertaken of the UK-level data – most notably by the WonkHE blog, but so far no specific attention has been accorded to the data for Welsh Universities. It is also timely given the focus...

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Bil Ombwdsmon Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus (Cymru) / Public Services Ombudsman (Wales) Bill

Fel Cadeirydd y Pwyllgor Cyllid, roeddwn yn falch o osod y  Bil Ombwdsman Gwasanaethau Cyhoeddus (Cymru)  a’r  Memorandwm Esboniadol cysylltiedig gerbron Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru yn ffurfiol ar 2 Hydref 2017. Dyma’r tro cyntaf i Bwyllgor gyflwyno Bil ers i’r Cynulliad ennill pwerau deddfu sylfaenol llawn. Mae’r Bil hwn yn adlewyrchu’r gwaith sylweddol a wnaed dros nifer o flynyddoedd gan y Pwyllgor Cyllid yn ystod y Cynulliad hwn a’r Pedwerydd Cynulliad.    Mae rôl yr Ombwdsmon yn hollbwysig, sef sicrhau bod unrhyw un sy’n credu ei fod wedi dioddef anghyfiawnder oherwydd achos o gamweinyddu neu oherwydd iddynt gael gwasanaeth annigonol...

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