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I have in this blog before chatted about one of the clearest symbols of how Wales as a nation is discriminated against is on the issue of transport. I’ve chatted also about the railways. Wales being the only country where you cannot get from North to South by train/(and vice versa) and how the main London to South Wales line is not electrified west of Cardiff.

Latest news from the BBC Wales Website is that things will be “better”. With a proposal that there will be a new train journey from Cardiff to London that will knock off twenty minutes from the journey.

And so you think yippee. Wales is actually going to get some transport that will look as if it’s in the twenty first century and not in the nineteen seventies…..until you read the article.

1) It’s a proposal. If agreed it won’t start until at least December 2020.

2) How is so fast? Is there some great technological advance in train technology? No. It will just stop at less stations than the standard Cardiff – London route.

3) Indeed let’s be clear the standard route is not Cardiff – London. It starts before Cardiff  but presumably as the line is not electrified west of the capital commuters from say Swansea will have to take two trains to take advantage of this proposed service. So they might as well stay on the current direct route.

Literally then any commuter west of Cardiff is on the wrong side of the tracks.

4) The trains will be second-hand.

So you see hardly HS3.

And this is what Wales being Serf nation in the eyes of Westminster gets you. Something seemingly hyped up but in reality should it be operational appears to be the best of a bad job. No new infrastructure investment just something that will utilise what’s already there and will not benefit everybody in South Wales.

Crumbs from the fat controller’s table.

Independence and it’s consequences as I’ve said before will not be simple or straightforward or indeed quick. As I’ve also said before Rome was not built in a day but it was built. But decisions will be made for all the people living here taking into account their needs. Transport is a key example of where lack of investment has failed Wales under Unionism

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