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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.

I have since this blog began chatted about the arrogantly incompetent Bridgend Labour council. Recently I’ve been focusing on their actual (and proposed) public spending cuts. Cuts which have seemed both petty and cruel including as they do public toilets and children’s play areas.

The latest focus for the destruction of Bridgend county as somewhere that could be described as civilised is the proposal to cut the frequency of grass cutting in the parks, open spaces in housing areas, highway verges and playing fields.

Now I don’t know the proposed revised frequency or even the one used now, let me make that clear, but let’s say the frequency is currently every two weeks and the proposal is to increase it to every three or four weeks.

Well let me give the council some meteorology lessons. For sunshine, there is also rain and if you don’t cut the grass regularly rain will make that grass grow. I mean what’s the ambition here? That Bridgend will be Wales’ answer to the Amazonian rain forest?

And if you don’t cut the grass frequently there is a good chance that mice and rats can congregate. Is that good for the communities? Particularly the children?

Let us focus on the kids as well. Remember last week’s proposal to cut money spent on local play areas? Seems that the kids who want to play in the parks will find their opportunities cut as well as parents will not want their kids playing literally in the long grass where not just rodents but also drug paraphernalia ( such as needles) could be just tossed aside and hidden as well. Again the Labour council’s proposed cuts could have a direct effect on the fitness and health of the children of the borough.

And this needs repeating. This is a Labour council imposing Labour cuts stating that it’s because of the reduction in it’s grant by a Labour Welsh Government.

But do you know how even more stupid this cut is?  Every conversation about Bridgend will for a foreseeable future have the closure next year of the Ford Engine plant to take into account. This particular cut was made yesterday. Less than a week after the closure announcement.

These cuts may seem inconsequential in themselves but added together as well as their arrogant incompetence that has already turned Bridgend Town into an urban tragedy (as I’ve detailed years before the announcement) the council have not created a good image of the borough for any potential business interested in moving to the area.

Money does not need to be cut. It needs to be spent. Spent on public amenities, spent on  making kids leisure time fun, spent on making the borough look good.

Doing the exact opposite will only destroy the fabric of the borough.

Welsh Labour in action.

Until the next time.