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I have discussed before my belief that Wales is slowly moving towards a battle between Plaid Cymru and whatever the right wing eventually turns out to be.

So we have another example of Labour’s inadequacy when it comes to the Bridgend Ford engine plant.. They are the party both in national and local level and they’ve been impotent to even battle this decision. You don’t get the sense of people metaphorically giving their all and fighting for the Ford workers.

First Minister Mark Drakeford stated that Brexit was a factor. The wife told me that the local MP Labour’s Madeline Moon was almost in tears on TV and Economy Minister Ken Skates was “livid” at Ford given the investment the Welsh government has put in over the years.

All of which is true. But it hasn’t stopped Ford announcing the closure. Neither, as I’ve explained before does it excuse Labour for not looking into the “worse case scenario” when the possibility was first hinted at over two years ago. Criticisms of Ford and Brexit are valid. But it’s also a deflection  to hide Labour’s weakness.

Now I’m not saying that Plaid Cymru would have stopped the closure had they been in power. But I know that they would have fought tooth and nail to have kept the plant alive. It’s also noticeable that Plaid Cymru politicians have been on TV on a Disunited Kingdom level far more frequently than normal. Perhaps a subconscious acknowledgement that when it comes to Wales they are the people who speak with true passion.

And let’s focus on that. Because Plaid Cymru wants independence for Wales it has (as I’ve said before) “the vision thing” that Labour and the Conservatives lack. On the issue of Bridgend Ford it’s opinions are made in Wales. There is no need to look over the shoulder to make sure London will back you up. Plaid Cymru is a party with clear Welsh focused opinions on Welsh issues. How can this be wrong?

It’s that independence of policy, thought and opinion that makes Plaid the perfect party to battle whatever the right wing turns out to be. For it is potentially a threat to us all.

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