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Wales has a growing number of high quality electro acts and at the top of this field are Dead Method who, alongside Hvnter & Hana2k, complete the holy trinity of Welsh electro pop. The music here is often dark, brooding and at its best simply beautiful as in the epic ballad Adonais He dowsed my corpse in gasoline I’ll burn for eternity.” The stand out track is Hivemind a moving and terrifying song about homophobia and the experience of LGBT+ people in Russia; it is utterly breath-taking. It’s not all down tempo and the closing track God, I fucking love it when I’m high has some strong hooks and should do well on the dance floor. Overall this is an excellent collection of songs and should go a long way in extending the band’s reputation. For those who think electro music is superficial and repetitive all I can do is repeat the words of the wise man who once said “listen without prejudice“.