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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.

Before I chat about the subject of the title let me briefly chat about something I mentioned a week or so ago. Following the vandalising of the Cofiowch Dryweryn mural. As I mentioned Bridgend Council are threatening the landlord of a sweet shop in Bridgend Town with fines for the painting a copy of this mural against the wall saying that it’s advertising.

I won’t go on about this, partly because there are ongoing legal proceedings and partly because the owner of the sweet shop will obviously do a better job than I about this. She’s on Twitter @FreyaSykes and it’s an account worth following.

What I’ve done though is to ask the Bridgend Council’s Twitter account given the many problems of the town which I’ve blogged about to advise on the last time they have acted swiftly and with such energy on an issue …..needless to say I’m awaiting a response.

But on a borough wide basis the LABOUR council are still proposing swingeing cuts on all manner of things blaming it, let’s not forget, on the Welsh LABOUR government. They try to say about these cuts that they are “consulting” the electorate but as I’ve explained before their method of “consultation” is Orwellian. Basically asking people whether they want to be tortured by water or electricity but not offering them the option of not being tortured at all.

Having gone through public toilets and bus services now the question of children’s play areas come under scrutiny…..yes I know.

They have sent a tweet our which says as follows:

“Should we continually repair slides, climbing frames and swings that are frequently vandalised in local children’s play areas or should we focus more on spending money to improve the more popular play areas?”

And then suggesting people to “Have Your Say”.

So now the water/electricity torture question has come to this subject. Have they no shame?

But let us go through this tweet and the Newspeak it’s trying to use.

Firstly by the logic of the tweet if I started to vandalise Council amenities/offices throughout the borough then repairing them could just be a waste of money. Since when has a council suggested that vandalism could be successful by not bothering to repair what has been vandalised? That is surrendering to crime. A tactic apparently now being considered on this issue by Bridgend LABOUR council.

Furthermore when they suggest that “…we focus more on spending money to improve the more popular areas…” you know that it will less than the amount that would be saved from surrendering some play areas to vandals.

Also how does the council know what is a popular children’s play area? Do they check up using officials on tablets (surely the creepiest job in local government if so) ? And surely you cannot anyway judge the popularity of a play area by the volume of kids playing in it. After all a play area situated in a town will obviously be more used than one in a village. But judged as a percenatge of the kids living there the village play area could be equally as popular.

And even if an area is not popular surely the council should be more proactive in encouraging it’s use. Saving the NHS money in both the short and long term.

So Bridgend LABOUR Council. Tough on public toilets, murals and children’s play areas. I hope they’re proud of themselves.

Until the next time.