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There was a definite air of excitement and anticipation amongst the crowd who had gathered to see the debut by BLɅCKƎLVIS. Although a brand new act the members are no strangers to the music scene having played in bands such as We Are the Afterglow. Front man Levi has also been writing and performing as a solo act for several years and although he has always been a fine performer there’s always been that back of the mind thought that he needed a band to really shine. In BLɅCKƎLVIS he has found the perfect set of musicians to compliment and showcase his music. The band has a rock solid rhythm section with Andy Gregory and Chris Collins and lead guitarist Ruben Kingman plays some serious licks and is an old school guitar hero in the making. The music is a fusion of Chilli Peppers style funk, rock and blended with reggae rhythms and R&B. Front man Levi has a relaxed confidence and voice that can shift effortlessly from sweet and soulful to a full on Prince rock vocal work out. This set was littered with potential hit singles such as “Don’t See No Drama” & “No Demon” and at one stage I had to check with someone connected to the band if they were playing cover versions; the material was that good. It’s rare to see a band that can captivate a room full of people and take them to a level of musical ecstasy. To do that on your debut is almost audacious and a wonderful spectacle to behold. BLɅCKƎLVIS are quite simply the best new band we have seen in a long, long time and could well become one of the biggest bands to emerge from Wales this year.