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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.

Well for various reasons my plans foe today Saturday are shot to pieces. I wanted to see if I could watch some Welsh Rugby League action but the season hasn’t started yet. For all intents and purposes the Rugby Union and football seasons have finished (particularly in the sense of being able to go to a game). There is of course cricket but as I’ve got today and tomorrow off work I feel that spending practically an entire day away from wife/daughter (who is revising for exams) is not good thing.

Speaking of daughter and exams the Urdd Eisteddfod (that’s the one for young people) is being held in Cardiff next week. Half term week. Perhaps the date should be moved to Easter time. That way kids daughter’s age could go for the day without feeling guilty about not revising.

That is you know another thing with shift work. When there are days when you’re not working those closest to you are used to you being away. So when you’re there for a day they really are not used to your presence at these times. And you know what? That’s mutual.

What’s worse at time of writing the sun’s shining and the sky is blue.

Yesterday I went to Penarth. Haven’t been there for a while and it showed. Two places have closed down.

This was a Bangladeshi Restaurant

Now I’ve never been in there (as I’ve explained before it’s not my preference food wise) but it’s closure does leave an unusually large empty retail space in the town.


It was a Santander bank branch

And I should also mention this. It was a Blockbuster video store. So it’s been closed for at least two years.

It probably cries when it remembers the good times

Now Penarth is of course not Bridgend Town (of which more in a moment) but the Vale of Glamorgan council needs to be careful. For before you know it that’s what you’ll become and the urban equivalent of a comfy pair of slippers will suddenly look frayed.

Anyway back to Bridgend Town. You may recall that I’ve mentioned to damage to the “Cofiowch Dryweryn” mural by (I’d argue) right wing vandals.. Tryweryn being the village in North Wales deliberately flooded so that Liverpool could be provided with extra water.

Well copies of the mural have appeared throughout Wales. Started by Bridgend Town who painted a large copy against the wall of a local sweet shop. Well Bridgend Town have threatened the owner of the sweet shop with court action. This is of course typical Bridgend Labour council. Something that actually provides credit to the town is considered to be an illegal act. Yet as I’ve chatted in this blog since it’s inception the town has been turned into an urban tragedy thanks to the council’s incompetence.

The council can move fast when it wants to. Shame it doesn’t devote the same amount to dealing with the town’s problems that it caused.

They say it’s graffiti. Who complained? I have my suspicion. If only I could say.

Of course the big political news in this Disunited Kingdom is the resignation of Theresa May probably meaning that Baboon Boris Johnson will become another Tory Sub-Prime Minister. Let’s be clear. Theresa May be showing the tears now. But I have as much sympathy for her as she showed to the underprivileged in Britain today.

Quick word on the house which at this moment is in the hands of the builders. Have got an email today from the local electricity company SSE asking for a meter reading. What? We only gave a reading about a month ago when we bought the house. Will have to ring them.

Let’s end on a bit of a smile. A couple of days back the wife asked me what I was doing on an internet dating site. I said I was on no such thing. She showed me the email on the computer. I pointed out that the particular email said “ad” against it.

As I said to her. Not only have I never been on such a site but do you really think I’d give an email address that she knows the password of?

Until the next time.