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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Firstly apologies. I wrote about the problems of British Steel assuming it affected Port Talbot. I’ve been told that the steel plant there is still owned by Tata and is separate.

So I was wrong. Have always acknowledged in the blog any mistakes I’ve made and do so here. I’ve always believed that to err is human but to acknowledge your error gains trust. Indeed as it was completely wrong I’ve deleted the post.

Instead I’m going to chat about an elderly Englishman yesterday. He overheard me and recognised an English accent. He walked up and said.

“Wales is backwards when it comes to technology”.

There was no point in arguing with him. His views were clearly embedded in cement. I  murmured something and walked away. But his is not an uncommon view of Wales in England generally. Not just in technology but in other walks of life as well.

So let’s be clear if you live in a remote Welsh valley you’re probably going to have problems with your wi-fi signal. But you’re going to have similar areas in England as well. Somehow though that’s not the same.

It also reminded me though of the Pitching In syndrome. The TV series supposedly set in North Wales and yet filled with different Welsh regional accents. And there’s the point I think. As I’ve mentioned previously until I came to Wales I just assumed there was one Welsh accent and only knew better when I came to live here permanently.

Whatever tech troubles the guy had (and I didn’t care) he had considered it an issue to do with Wales and not the specific place he had the problem in. If you are English living in England you see Wales and not Swansea, or Wrexham or Bridgend. That is a mainstream media projection. As I think I’ve mentioned before people living in England probably have a greater understanding of American regional differences than Welsh ones.

So perhaps Wales should promote not just itself as a nation but get the mainstream Disunited Kingdom media to recognise the different regions within it as well.

Wales is after all a country not a region.

Until the next time.