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Hello there. hope you’re feeling well today.If polls are to be believed in looks like Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is on course to win most Welsh seats in the forthcoming elections for the European parliament. Meanwhile Plaid Cymru candidates continue to score impressive victories in local government elections. What these two facts means is that dissatisfaction with the two main Unionist parties are on an all time high and that Wales is slowly moving towards a battle between the forces of the right and Plaid Cymru the party I support.

How come? Because they are the parties that have “the vision thing”. Either reactionary right wing movement with a cloak of democracy but nothing else or an independent Wales making decisions for Wales and not for a country across a series of bridges.

And if my hunch is correct the recent attacks on a Plaid Cymru office and the Cofiwch Dryweryn sign shows that the extreme right knows this.

But you will say what about Labour or the Conservatives? Well as I’ve explained in relation to other situations before when something formidable is toppled what normally happens is that their power is chipped away gradually before being too weak to fight. Hence as I said this battle, which I do believe will happen, is not a speedy process.

We’ll come back to the Welsh conservatives and Alun “Chucky” Cairns I’m sure at a later date. But yesterday I read about something that illustrates how Welsh Labour, currently the government under First Minister Mark “Jeremy’s Disciple” Drakeford is just too worn out to fight for the country…..and this concerns a good law.

The proposal is that all residential roads in Wales should have a maximum speed limit of twenty miles per hour instead of the current thirty. It’s a good law. After all there’s no real reason to drive faster in a busy street, indeed studies show that more people survive/sustain less injuries when hit by a car at twenty miles per hour than they would if hit by one driving at thirty.

So then how is it good Welsh Labour government law illustrates why they would be unable to battle for Wales? Because like the 5p charge on carrier bags or that you would have to opt out of using your organs for transplants in the event of your death the speed limit restriction is something few would really disagree with. But it’s wrapping paper to things that effect people’s lives daily. Issues like education or health or transport and of course the consequences of Brexit.

Here Labour have either failed miserably or have in the case of Brexit surrendered to Westminster leaving a government just shouting meaninglessly in the sidelines. a government that takes decisive firm, action unless they know that Westminster/Jeremy won’t disagree is not a government. It’s a scared mess of privileged politicos unable to know what to do next.

Where is the independence of spirit that lead the Labour administration under Rhodri Morgan to make prescriptions free? That is history. Instead we have an administration for example cutting local government grants so Welsh councils are cutting services. Where is the socialism there? Where is the Welsh interest there?

So that is why a good present day Welsh Labour socialism has failed Wales. And is why on Plaid Cymru can truly battle with it’s clear and unambiguous position of an independent Wales against the right wing.

Until the next time.