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Time for Labour Welsh Government to invest in Wrexham

In response to news that Wales Comic Con was relocating to Telford, Carrie Harper, Plaid Cymru’s spokesperson for Wrexham, said: 

“This is more than disappointing – it’s a disgrace.
“Wales Comic Con was an incredibly popular event and brought thousands of people to Wrexham. It’s now re-locating to Telford.
“It emphasises the need for Wrexham to have better facilities to attract similar events in future. Better conferencing facilities for example.
“The Welsh Government and Wrexham Council should reflect on this failure… where is the ambition to make Wrexham the capital of north Wales? Where is the vision to build on these sort of unique events?
“Contrast this with the support given by the Welsh Government for a project in Newport.
“Show me a similar investment by the Welsh Government in the capital of the North. For 20 years this Labour Government has mouthed bland platitudes about investing in The Racecourse and creating ‘the Millenium Stadium of the North’. The reality is that we’ve had no investment and The Racecourse remains a three-sided ground with no conferencing or additional facilities.
“We’re getting crumbs rather than a fair share of the loaf. That’s why Plaid Cymru would legislate to make sure that every part of Wales got a fair share of capital funding.”