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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.I realised today that even if daughter progresses through to sixth form and decides to stay in her current school  this would probably be one of the last times I’d pick her up from there as the new house is a walkable distance away.

So much has changed since the first time I did this in a different school indeed a different world for us all. Somethings though stay the same. As always I arrive early so that I have a close parking space and time to read a book. Today a rather made self help tome by William Cobbett. But that’s for another day.

Whatever plans I had were scuppered by seven boys walking away from the school on the other side of the world from where I’ve parked. Clearly six formers given they are out early and are taller than m. Being sunny and hot most are not wearing jackets or jumpers, just shirts. Adults walk past in sunglasses, t-shirts and shorts without feeling stupid.Cliche Wales weather it is not.

“Let’s go to Cardiff on a field trip”says one.

“You’re f****** nuts” is the response.

One of the group puts a soft drink can on the top of a tall wall. As the group walks by another tips it over. Should I complain? Of course not. They’re all taller than me and besides it’s nearly summer. School, well this school anyway no longer holds any fear for them.College or the world of work approaches. Soon they’ll learn how tough the real world can be.

Some of them a few minutes later return. One of them is on the phone having a conversation.

“He smashed the bottle and everyone was p****** themselves”.

Oh the fascination of catching a call mid stream.

There is a noise from the house opposite to me. If I had to guess I would say a rocket made the racket

Over ten years ago school was an adventure for daughter. Now it’s literally an examination.

In drabs and stabs kids start leaving the school. Every other one on the phone. Every other one taller than me.

A group of I’d guess six year olds walk by. The girls are wearing a standard long red check dress. Daughter sees this as she enters the car. She mentions this. She too remembers the past. She also knows that’s what it is to her now.

Until the next time.