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Petition pressure persuades Wrexham Council to oppose nuclear dumping
A petition signed by hundreds of local people has helped persuade Wrexham Council to oppose any nuclear dumping in the borough.
The petition was launched last month by Plaid Cymru due to concerns that the council had failed to state its views on dumping nuclear waste in the area, something the Welsh Government is actively seeking support for in local communities. 
Cllr Marc Jones, leader of the Plaid Cymru group, had written to the council’s chief executive six weeks ago seeking assurances on the matter before launching the petition. Hundreds of local residents signed the petition and Cllr Jones has now written to them thanking them for their support.
Cllr Jones said: 

“As a party we had concerns about Wrexham being used a nuclear waste dump and failed to get assurances from the council’s leadership. There were strong views expressed by those signing the petition and I’m therefore delighted that the Executive Board on Tuesday will be recommending that the council does not ‘host’ a geological waste repository for radioactive material.  

“It seems it has now been persuaded by our pressure to take a strong stance on this matter. No nukes is good news for Wrexham.”