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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.As I’ve stated before in this blog I’m a shift worker. Mainly an afternoon/evening shift, occasionally a morning one. So I do know that we shift workers operate differently on the laws of time.

Late meals, early lunches our body clock is shifted away from the classic worktime norm. Fine, we live with it. Indeed for most of the time we adjust our minds away from the norm. Most of the world does one thing, we do another and we accept that.

But you know there is a thing about working on a Sunday which is different. Not just any Sundays you understand, but sunny Sundays like yesterday. Where the sky was blue and the sun was bright and the gentle breeze made it Goldilocks style just right. So when you drive to work you feel that the world is taking a break, having a relax ……whilst you’re working.

And that’s depressing. The sort of the day where the world is enjoying itself except you.

More depressing though is that I’m of an age where if I don’t have a plan for that day the next sunny Sunday I have off there will probably be a moment when I’ll just have an afternoon’s siesta.

What can I say? Life’s like that.

Until the next time.