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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.I’ve less than an hour to chat. At the end I’ll be off to pick up my daughter from her exams and then off to work. I don’t have the time. Tomorrow indeed I won’t be going to post anything as other events means that I hardly have the time to look at a screen let alone write the deep meaningful thoughts on humanity or various kinds of twaddle, whatever you’re point of view.

Blog villain Bridgend Labour council are proposing to cut sporting grounds, play areas and even the grass cutting of open fields in the area. Don’t think that’s going to help the fight against obesity, diabetes and heart attacks. Bridgend Labour should relise that if these proposals go through they might have blood on their hands due to stopping areas people get exercise.

So Liverpool and Tottenham are through to the Champions League final. Already Brexiteers are gloating. Forgetting of course the fact that not only so “foreigners” play and manage these teams. But in the case of Liverpool own it as well.

Tell you what. I’m more and more isolated from what’s on TV channels with every day that passes. Thing is not watching Line of Duty has never bothered me. That’s the point. I don’t feel I’m missing out anymore. I don’t care.

Cloudy out there. Apparently brighter later. There is something depressing about bright days when you’re working. And yet when I’m not working I’d rather stay in. What can I say?

Have just read that Danny Baker, a writer I’ve mentioned on this blog before and I’ve admired has been sacked by the BBC after his tweet concerning the Royal baby. Trust me when I say it’s not pleasant. You don’t have to be monarchist to be shocked.

Sometimes when people you admire crash down to Earth. They really truly crash.

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