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Left Unity Wales

Report of organising meeting held 27.4.2019 Cardiff

1. A verbal report was given on the main outcome of the 1.12.2018 meeting which largely dealt with nomination for internal elections.
2. It was reported that nominations were subsequently organised through email and all were elected: Pam Stevens as the Wales representative on the NC and EC; Ann Bennett as Trade Union officer; Len Arthur as on of 10 elected NC members.
3. It was confirmed that Pam Stevens would continue as chair; Len Arthur as secretary and Ann Bennett as treasurer.
4. A report of the NC meeting 13.4.2019 was given. Concern was expressed about taking forward the outcomes of the No Pasaran conference. A positive discussion was held about the reality of our LU position across the UK – a small cog helping to turn larger movements. Consolidating and retaining existing membership and a clearer statement of our political ‘where we stand’ position was suggested.
5. Conference motions were considered – it was agreed one on consolidating our membership, including monthly UK LU email to all members and twice a year weekend political discussion workshops. Detailed by email and submitted before May 18th deadline.
6. Report on campaigns
  • Kurds hunger strike – public support given
  • People’s Assembly and fight against austerity – RCT campaign against residential day care closures and need for an all Wales PA meeting.
  • Better than Zero – working toward relaunch with local Unite support late next month
  • Brexit in open discussion
7. Next meeting at LU UK conference 29 June.