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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.At time of writing we don’t have Netflix. The logic here is simple. Daughter has exams and it would be a distraction. We will have it back in the summer once we are able to install the internet into the new house (see previous post).

Just before it finished for now, I’d noticed a trailer for a series that was being introduced there called You. It had a basic Romcom scenario. One man, one woman. Man a handsome bookseller in New York named Joe Goldberg. Girl a sexy blonde aspiring writer named Guinevere Beck. They first meet across a crowded bookshop and chat. Well they can read between the lines.

The minor detail however is that he has commitment issues. And when I say commitment issues he is fully committed to the relationship but should you cross that you cross him. The Romcom then was wrapping for a thriller.

When I saw said trailer I thought it seemed interesting and filed it in a document I created on my tablet entitled “Things To Do in the Summer”. I mean it seemed more important than actually going out or indeed the gardening.

However on listening to a Book podcast (You’re Booked – where a guest chats about the books on his/her shelves) I discovered that this TV series was in fact originally a novel. So I decided to download it on the Kindle. This was actually quite appropriate. For Joe Goldberg stalks Beck using social media and the goes much further online than that as well. But that would be spoiling things for you.

But what makes the book interesting is the juxtaposition of a love of books and technology. The old (but still surviving) and the new. Goldberg is an expert on both. And uses both in his pursuit of Beck. The idea of a bookseller capable of sweeping a sexy blonde off her feet would have been the stuff of my teenage dreams. The methods however….

Let’s face it fellas. If you work at a bookshop and a sexy blonde looks at you in a slightly disturbed way you know she’s either watched the TV series or read the book. Ms Kepnes probably has caused problems for booksellers in starting relationships the world over.

It is no question the best thriller I’ve read this year with well rounded characters leading to an intense conclusion It’s interesting to me that in my favourite thriller of last year, Shame On You by Amy Heydenrych, social media is an important character in it’s own right there as well.

As to whether I’ll eventually watch the Netflix series……of course not.

I’ve been chilled enough.

Until the next time.