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The wiff of Weimar and the sound of the jackboot. I note that this in intimidation. What bothers me more than the threats to myself is the use of the Reeco Rees Soccer School logo clearly displayed, What parent wouls want therir chidren coached in Soccer with a person who behaves like this/. I have contacted the police and will be making a complaint to Swansea City Coucil that funds soccer coaching in the area, I shall also be contacting the police and the organistaion that administers these soccer schools,,,,,,,,is this getting our country back?
 I really must ask you what sort of people threaten a partially sighted sixty year old….? He and his mates have already intimidayed a young woman several weeks ago. They published online her place of wotk. Wow what patriots these are…..

Despite this this bit made me laugh. Reeco sees himself in Valhalla in about 50 years. I would like to remind him that Odin and the Valkyries only came for the arriors and they left the bullies to be eaten by the niddhog at the base of Yggsdrasil…. but then he would mot know what I am talikng about…..