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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Well we’ve bought a house at last. I know it’s taken such a long time but it’s now done.

Now we can’t exactly move in for about six weeks as there is work to be done. Also given that daughter has exams shortly the upheaval would have been unfair anyway.

The point though is that as a sort of minor celebration we decided to order a Dominos pizza. And as it was a Tuesday they had a buy one get one free deal (and as an aside Dominos instead of doing that why don’t you give any profits for a second pizza on a Tuesday to the staff instead – After all if you can afford to offer a free pizza then presumably the margin is relatively large).

Daughter had her choice (Pepperoni) and then it came to me. My eyes suddenly focused on one choice. Catalan Chicken and Chorizo.

And let me tell you now it was gorgeous.

Now I wish I’d thought of this at the time. But it’s only occurred to me now that as admittedly as a symbolic gesture should people buy these pizzas (not especially buy you understand. You would had intended to buy a pizza anyway) they should send a picture in social media with a hashtag say, Catalonia on it.

I know that it’s a gesture, that it’s symbolic and that Mr Domino will be very happy. But sometimes symbols can be effective.

A quiet protest through pizza. Supporting Catalonia through Chicken and Chorizo

Until the next time.