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The Bishop of St Asaph has expressed a note of skepticism about politics in his Easter Message of hope.

The Rt Revd Gregory Cameron wrote that: “There are times at present when it looks as if the entire political system of the United Kingdom is falling apart.”

But he goes on to say that the Easter story is a reminder of the proof of God’s trustworthiness, which is found in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

He says: “Whatever else we can say about the Resurrection of Jesus, its enormous impact on history cannot be denied.  Eleven dispirited disciples were turned around, a notable persecutor of the Church was converted, millions down through history claim to have met, and be transformed by, an executed Messiah who rose from the dead.  Empires have fallen, human rights movements have been inspired, change has been wrought because this one man has been recognised as the human face of a God of love.”

You can read Bishop Gregory’s Easter Message in full, in Welsh and English.