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Thursday May 23 sees not only the European Elections it also sees a by election in the Neath Port Talbot council seat of Resolven. In 2017 Labour held the seat by some 80 votes The by election reveals many tensions, ambitions, political hopes and egos. Plaid fresh from it’s victory in Ely will be seeking to promote it’s credentials . Adam Price the Mab Darogan in waiting will be clearly hoping for a victory. Whilst Labour will be looking to hold the seat with an increased majority. It is also likely that other parties such as the Liberal Democrats will wish to enter the fray.

The most interesting aspect of the by election will be if the Independent candidate who stood last time will stand again. On past form the Independent candidate in 2017, one Darren Niccolls will bottle it at the last moment. Darren is a comet that rapidly burns out and fades very quickly away. Darren”s political staying power is rather soft and small and quickly fades. Darren runs a blog called the Layman once described by Phil Knight as the “Lieman” . Darren is a former staff member of a UKIP Assembly Member and attended far right rallies promoting the likes of Tommy Robinson and other crypto post modern fascists. Darren some time ago published a picture of Tony Blair with a noose around his neck. According to Darren Blair’s crime was about his pro European views rather than his warmongering.

I suspect that Darren”s get out clause will come from the Plaid link. His partner was the Plaid candidate for Tonna in 2017. He is effectively a right wing, pro market, Brexiteer of the ‘libertarian” tendency. I therefore suspect that the “right” sort of Plaid candidate will liberate Darren from the call of destiny. However if I am wrong I will remind you of his posting. Darren I am afraid has little substance and a poor understanding of concepts and background to political thought and philosophy. He once more has endorsed a simplistic agenda embracing the manifestoless Brexit Party. Let us watch the drama unfolds in Resolven…who knows? I suppose Darren could always stand for the Brexit Party there..I will keep you informed..