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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Well it’s 5:06am as I’m writing this and it’s Easter Sunday. As an atheist the day means nothing to me. Indeed I don’t even worship the god chocolate. But I have the day off work. And I’m awake this early. If I’m inclined to believe any god exists at all it’s whoever is the god of sleep. For I know too well he (or she) is messing with me.

Mind you whatever I think of Christianity the bombings in Sri Lanka are an outrage. Whatever my opinions of Christianity people indulging in non violent worship should be subjected to the threat of death. The world is polarising itself. If allowed to continue it will not end well.

Going out to a pub dinner today. Otherwise there are no settled plans for the next couple of days. Certainly not going to the Barry Island for the beach which regular readers know isn’t my thing and let’s face it will be packed anyway given it has been hot this weekend.

Throughout Wales there has been “Cofiwch Dryweryn” signs in solidarity when the original sign remembering the village flooded in North Wales to provide Liverpool with water had been vandalised. It’s another sign that the forces of Welsh independence are on the rise, as is the extreme right as well. Wouldn’t be surprised if the vandalism towards the sign was linked to the graffiti daubed outside a Plaid Cymru office recently.

Have just bought (in the past half hour) Moab Is My Washpot. The first part of Stephen Fry’s autobiography. E readers can make you do that. Even on a Sunday morning. And let’s be clear here, it was 99p.

It’s daylight now. Weird waking up so early. Waking up to a day where barring one thing you really don’t have any plans but can’t make them as the other people in your family are asleep. Perhaps it’s a waste of a day. But I reckon more the fact I’m awake means the waste of sleep.

It’s 6:46am now. I feel that Sri Lanka will dominate my thoughts now. I really don’t know what to say..

Until the next time.