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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.It has been a while since I’ve been able to wander round Bridgend Town, a subject that I’ve chatted about since this blog began. Explaining how a proud place is being brought to it’s knees by the arrogant incompetence of the Welsh Labour council.

Well on as always an admittedly unscientific wander round on Wednesday I can only say that things are actually getting worse.

Even the good news isn’t really that good. What was the Co-op bank has now been replaced by a Vape shop. Now I’ve nothing against the Vape shop personally, though I don’t smoke. but you know when something is wrong with a town when the opening of such a shop is good news.

Similarly the Phones 4 U shop which has been untouched since the chain when into administration in 2014? Well the hoardings were being taken down. However the TO LET signs were still there. Which suggests that it’s the latest in the line of unoccupied stores still seeking a retailer. Plenty of those in the town. But as I’ve said before it’s literally glossing over the cracks. It’s like giving a homeless guy a smart suit.

So again it makes this decision odd.

The Old McDonald’s Store

Build flats for social housing. Great. But over shops when there are plenty of already empty ones in the town? Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

(Though on the issue of homeless people it’s the first time I’ve seen them in Bridgend aside from selling The Big Issue – Only a couple. But the fact they were there in a small place like Bridgend Town should give you an idea of how bad British society has become)

So as I’ve said the urban tragedy is getting worse. Let’s start with this.

Empty Again

This store was closed down. Opened again last year and has now closed again. To be honest I thought it was in trouble when I last did a similar post in January but didn’t mention it as I didn’t want to be seen wishing it’s decline. I’d noticed that whilst it was the Sales season they seemed to be discounting everything. Not a good sign. Unfortunately some times my instinct is right.

You may remember that one of the few rays of hope was the Bridgend Indoor Market (run by the council) where investment had resulted in a slight increase in stalls. Well nothing seemed to have changed from my last visit. Which is not good.

There still vast swathes of empty stalls and it still has this to deal with.

Christmas….in April

Christmas decorations in April does not help the image of the market or the town. I’ve contacted the council to see if anything can be done (after all they’ve been up there for a year and a quarter now). But in all honesty I don’t see much hope.

And speaking of things left up for about a year.

That bunting’s been up for about a year

I mean there’s really no excuse for the council just to get someone to just go and get it down now is there? Ah no perhaps there is. Just like last year the council have organised a World War II event for June. Why? Who knows? Perhaps it’s to show everyone Britain after Brexit?

The organisers will say people will come into the town for the event. And perhaps they will. But as last year’s events show they will not return if there’s nothing different to return to. They really are a waste of money.

Let’s talk about a couple of stores together:

A Store My Mother Liked


This really was unexpected

Now I know what some of you and the Welsh Labour council will say. Evans and Oxfam have been closing stores throughout Britain. This is not a Bridgend problem.

But you see it is. For if you create a situation, which Labour have done and which I’ve discussed many times previously, where less people want to come to the town unless necessary, then retail profits will go down. If you’re a national chain in difficulties and need to close down stores therefore Bridgend makes itself venerable. Their closure means less people will go to the town which will make ( ouside of Aldi, Asda and Tesco) the situation of remaining shops even more perilous.

It’s a vicious circle. Created by Welsh Labour.

In the Rhiw Shopping Centre (which I wonder whether it would have a future without W H Smith) there has been this closure since my last visit.

They were Insurance brokers

They were insurance brokers and have moved to Swansea.

Finally I’ll leave you with this.

And this time I’m not going to talk about the statue

Behind the statue are the public toilets, or rather were the public toilets. They were closed down in January. I’ve written before if you are desperate now you have to go to the nearby ASDA go up an escalator and cross the first floor before reaching the loos there.

Difficult enough if you’re able bodied. But to my shame it hadn’t occurred to me until Wednesday that Disabled toilets have also been closed (the door on the left of the picture). That trip would obviously be even more difficult. Hence another reason for people to avoid Bridgend Town.

As it’s Good Friday I was toying about whether or not to end the post this way but I will.

Truly the Welsh Labour Council have crucified the town.

Until the next time.