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Words are so limited. However elaborate our vocabulary, the metaphors and images we use. Our joys , our sorrows can never be described fully. The descriptions, the fears that are indistinct and formless nevertheless are ghosts of great power .

Lecan commented on the limitations of language and of our inability to communicate fully clearly and with precision. Speaking to people at the Glanrhyd bus stop about war in Yemen I find that the two people I speak to are aware that this is all smoke and mirrors. They know what it is really about and each mentions oil and of the illusions of international politics. They mention oil and the nature of a world globalised economy. No one is fooled..

You have fooled no one Theresa ordinary people see through you and what lies behind your robotic voice…you have fooled no one and the clamour rises within and without the political system. There is a mighty judgement coming …and as I glance into an unknown future both personally and for society as a whole.. somewhere deep within a core of hope begins to pulsate ,…ita been 5i years since 1968…but is the revolution personal, political or both,?..There are no clear answers…this is an existential problem or perhaps meaning ,,,and as we go on Extinction Rebellion takes action and Corbyn nears power…