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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Here’s the thing. I’ve dealt with Marcus Stead at @MarcusStead before. He holds some pretty obnoxious views on the Welsh language and I went for him on it. I didn’t let me stress tweet abuse but I made it perfectly clear that both he and his views were idiotic.

So having made these forceful views how did he respond? He blocked me.

But now I learn from other Twitter accounts that Mr Stead has moved on from the Welsh language to the issue of Period poverty. He has stated (from a screen dump from other Twitter accounts) that people should stop “this nonsense” about people not being able to afford to give their daughters breakfast or sanitary towels as their price (for three packs) was exactly the same as a bag of porridge (£1). Both prices being taken from shopping at Home Bargains.

Now I’m not going to go into detail discussing this argument given that I’m a man so I really don’t feel qualified. I will though say in passing that even if his tweet was 100% accurate (and that’s a debate) not everybody lives near a Home Bargains store.

But really unless you’re in the medical profession or a widower looking after daughters any man who shows any form of interest in Ladies sanitary products is not just unqualified to discuss them but also weird. And if you think that’s sexist I suspect most women would feel the same way.

If past behaviour is any judge I’ll suspect that Mr Stead has received many tweets attacking his provocative comment and I will also guess that he will proceed to block them.

Now as I’ve stressed there is a difference between attacking someone’s comments and abuse. But if you’ve been prepared to make tweets that would incite anger in response then you should really just accept it. Blocking people in these circumstances is just cowardly.

So in such circumstances then what do call a Twitter coward?

Well given that it has to be something yellow and avian there really is only one answer.

A Twitter coward is a canary.

Until the next time.