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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today,As a husband of nearly twenty one years let me tell you a secret I’ve learned.

Women follow the Cold Feet rule.

In the ITV comedy drama Cold Feet (the first five series – some of the best things I’ve seen on TV ever – not the rebooted ones which are just not the same) there is a scene where the blonde sophisticated Karen rebukes Rachael for taking in her estranged husband causing Adam (her partner) to move out.

Basically she tells her friend that as a rule women do not like being told what to do by their partners and normally leads them to do the exact opposite.

To my experience women instinctively follow this view. And normally (let’s be clear here) it puts them in good stead.

However what they forget is that in that scene Karen went on to say that in the particular circumstance her friend Rachael and Adam found themselves in she was 100% behind her friend’s partner.

In other words that, occasionally, men can be right.

I’m reminded of all of this by what happened yesterday afternoon. Wife wanted to check the oil in her car and asked for my help. I was happy to give it. Checking what’s under the bonnet of any car, including the mighty Kia Picanto which I drive, is not something I’m expert at as regular readers will know. But I did know about the two groove thing on the dipstick and so was happy to do it.

We checked the oil. It was between the grooves. It was groovy.

But almost by magic she produced a bottle of water and having put some in the correct part of the container she put some more in another part of the bonnet thinking that it was the washer for the back windscreen. Even in my ignorance of car under the bonnet magic I knew she was wrong and told her not to do it.

Following the Cold Feet Rule she did it anyway. However she only bit a little bit in. For something I expect within told her that I might actually be right.

And on checking the manual it showed I was right. For she had added water to the brake fluid.

We drove to the nearby Halfords. Amazingly still open and the mechanic was helpful. He told us that the wife had put too little water in for there to have been damage to the brakes. Things were fine. We were relieved.

Mind you I wish I could say I wasn’t smug for the rest of the day…..but I can’t…regular readers would know me too well.

Until the next time.