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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.I saw yesterday an article online from the Daily Telegraph which stated that the EU was going to ban British tourists from taking food with them such as cheddar cheese (Cheese!) on trips within the Union after Brexit.

Now leaving aside the fact that no one should be surprised that if membership has it’s privileges then non membership means they’re taken away the article also confirms a rise in a distrust of things “foreign” that whilst probably always been there in some people seems to have been permeating itself into daily life.

There is an ad going on at the moment which I will admit I can vaguely recall (who needs to watch ads if you can fast forward?) but goes something like this. It shows farmers working the land. The voiceover says that the supermarket chain involved markets British produce. Emphasising constantly the word British as he goes along.

Cut to a scene of this family having dinner. A man suddenly pipes up and asks for French mustard.

Silence. Then laughter.

And the real irony of this ad is that it’s from Aldi. Which if you don’t know is German.

Now I’m not saying for a moment that there’s anything wrong with British food. I am a fan. But what worries me is the mindset that this ad follows that British is always best and anything foreign is both odd, unpatriotic and why are you eating that muck anyway?.

And of course it’s not just food. It’s drink as well. J D Wetherspoons are taking EU drinks literally off the table in their pubs and replacing them with British ones. The private sector was supposed to provide the consumer with choice. Some choice now.

The ideal is a nation of one size fits all. That size being England. The attitude of grossed out right wing patriotism.

And as I’ve said before the Welsh language is not immune from this. There have been constant attempts by the likes of UKIP to undermine it’s usage. The reason is simple. Speaking Welsh marks you out as being different, being an individual.

Sleepwalking into an extreme right wing state of Denmark is where Britain is headed. It needs to be woken up quickly.

Until the next time.