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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.As you get older you realise life becomes a juggling act and sometimes there are many things that you have to throw up in the air and make sure they don’t fall down.

That’s exactly my life at the moment. There are things I can mention : Work getting much busier (thankfully – in this day and age it’s a plus), the slow tortoise like process of buying a house where everything becomes ripe for examination and speaking of which there are daughter’s upcoming exams. There also things I can’t mention. things too personal for others so it would be wrong of me to write about them here.

The issue is not accepting your responsibilities. That I do. It’s being able to devote the relevant amount of time to them. Not focusing on one thus damaging another.

Consultants will talk about “time management”. That is, as they say, Bull. For events will always barge into the best laid plans. You just have to juggle as best you can.

The by-election in Newport West was a disappointment for me being a Plaid Cymru supporter. We came in fourth (though increasing our vote) coming behind even to the Mr Creepy led UKIP. I’m told by people more knowledgeable than me that Newport has never been a happy hunting ground for Plaid. Even so I can’t help feeling that the muted reaction in some Plaid circles to the result would have been much more louder had Leanne Wood still been leader.

Still what has been noticeable is that in local government by elections Plaid has been doing well. For when all the other alternatives have been used up or shown to be empty there is only Plaid Cymru giving the clear road to a better future with an independent future. The journey will not be easy. But as Ireland shows independence leads to a nation confident in dealing with whatever life throws at it.

As always the weather is an issue. has been a very wet, windy, coldy (for the time of year) and even hailstoney April so far. At the moment I see nothing that tells me what the weather will be like today. I hear wind though. And that’s not a good sign.

I think I’ve made it clear in this blog before that I’m not a horse racing kind of guy. Or even a take an interest in horses kind of guy. However the Grand National is on today (if you want a tip for the Grand National – don’t wish to be reincarnated into the four legged ones – will not end well). Now it’s a series of horse races in Aintree leading up to the National and yesterday one of these races was won by a horse called Cadmium.

When I saw this on Twitter for the first time in a long while my mind didn’t switch off when horse racing is mentioned. For my sudden thought was why name a horse on something that could cause cancer? Odd to me.

A quick postscript on Mother’s Day. Have made it clear to loved ones that I don’t want to go to a restaurant on Father’s Day. Just an old fashioned fry-up will be fine for me. If I am anything it’s cheap.

Anyway suddenly my eyes feel droopy. Time to give sleep another try at 7:07am!

Until the next time.