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On the train just opposite me I hear two Tory activists talk about a new junior minister at the DWP. They moan about Marxists and the Left…as we near Neath ..they make a comment about a “Labour Pork Chop” what can they mean? ..sound’s rather Islamophobic or antisemetic ? the train approaches Neath I put you tube and play a chorus of `Oh Jeremy Corbyn`…they glare at me..I caught them in the midst of Islamophobic talk and they know that you can never be sure who is next to you..the shame was it was two young women heading back to the Swansea West Wales direction ….they should never assume that  the sixty year old on the seat opposite them is not a Corbynista… This is the unthinking reality that issues lile Brexit and  austerity has brought to the surface. Unthinking racism and prejudice nas been made acceptable. I wonder who these young women were? Did they work for the Tory party..for an AM or MP. I will research it and tell you more soon. 

Adventures in Newport West. I arrive in Newport and report to the CWU building. I sign in and an told to follow a group to a car. Not having the sharpest or effective vision I am aware of a familiar voice. I look up and realise that i am in a car with Angela Rayner and another MP who I can’t quite place his name is Nick and we all head towards central Newport. The organisation is phenomenal team after team flood in. Street after street covered and voters are taken to the polls.. picture after picture is taken . We meet a lone kipper and see a lone Plaid poster. Every now and then it hails and is bitterly cold.

We head back to the CWU building coffee and Welsh cakes are served. More Mps flow in, more activists and leaflets are sent out. Some areas have been knocked up twice and there are stli six hours till the polls close. I am sent out with a new team to leaflet and knock up around the Mill Street area. It’s quite clear that Labour knows exactly where it’s vote are. As we move through the area we meet a Rastafarian who sings “Oh Jetemy Corbyn”. A man angrily tells me that he is voting UKIP but we laugh as we discover he is not on the electoral register. We hear a rumour that the loathsome Alun Caurns is in the area but we find no sight or sign of him. Street after street we move through and remind people to vote. I tell members of the team that I will see them soon in the Brecon and Radnor by election. They promise to help. One asks me if Ystradgynlais is in North Wales. I claim another coffee and Welsh cake or two and head back to Newport Station and begin the journey back to the Socialist Republic of Ystradgynlais…it hails heavily as I climb onto the train. The journey home begins..

Just outside Bridgend the train is delayed for 20 minutes. Apparently the line gas trespassers upon it. I wonder if it mad Brexiteers furious at the train for carrying an Eco Marxist like myself. Perhaps it is David Simpson of Torfaen and his friend Recco from the Democratic Fascists lads alliance looking for me . Oh well it was indeed odd that for the entire period I was there there wasn’t a yellow jacket or jack boot to be seen..