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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Yesterday I saw a man with a metal leg from where the knee area to the foot. I knew he had a metal leg because he was wearing shorts (now that was the style choice to be laughed at, given that the weather was chucking down not so funsize variety packs of rain, hail and I was told in nearby Maesteg, snow).

But seeing him reminded me of my most embarrassing moment at work ever. So if I get even older and forgetful than I am at the moment I’ll be reminded of it now I’ve informed the entire internet world.

Many decades ago and seemingly now in a different universe I used to work in an office block in London’s Docklands. I remember that I had to speak to a particular colleague and on going to his particular desk (now called “work stations” – but let’s be clear – it’s a desk) noticed other people around it. Concerned looking men, some women in tears.

I’d assumed, being a glass half empty kind of guy, that my colleague had died. As it turned out the story was only a little bit better than that. For he was a cyclist. And on commuting London’s streets his bike was knocked over and one of  his legs was run over by an oncoming truck.

He spent months in hospital but was eventually discharged. He was able to use the artificial leg we chatted about earlier and whilst obviously things would never quite be the same again he was able to return to some semblance of his life before the accident including returning to work.

So then it’s months later from his return. I needed some documents to photocopy and went to where the machine was. He was there already photocopying.

I asked him how he was.

“Nervous” came the response. Apparently he’d a meeting to go to and was worried about it.

“Don’t worry….” I said in my most seemingly confident voice ever “…’ll walk it

It’s one of those moments that you wished the ground would cover you over forever. I knew what I meant. If I said the same words to most people it would’ve been at worse patronising.

But to him….

Either he didn’t hear or just didn’t want to be near me. For he collected the photocopies and went away.

It was a foot in mouth moment. And whether the foot was artificial or not the mouth was definitely mine.

Until the next time.