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The New Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn…Never before has an opposition leader had so much influence. The Tory Party membership collapses ever further. The ERG plans regicide and the remainer Tories face slaughter. In Labour the right falls silent. The lure of ministerial office and cars silence them. How very predictable..Norman Lamb threatens resignation from the Lib Dem whip…Oliver Letwin praises Corbyn… and as ‘that man’ nears power the anger rises. Corbyn’s strategy long mocked begins to pay off..he has been right on so many things so many times …this is enantiodromua par excellence.. welcome to tbe first day of the coming Labour. The Tories are now unable to govern…the ring falls into the lava stream of Mount Doom. ..and the contradictions of the attacks on Corbyn burn out and fade away.. the fracturing of the ruling class is here…the ERG emulate. Welcome to the future..

.Corbyn was once not fit for high office, he was a threat: a danger he is not.. behold the hypocrisy..

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