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The culture wars of the bluekipper 32% There is now simply the choice of no deal, no Brexit or a General Election. Beware the 32% they are hard right, worship the free market, they are ontologically insecure, they fear feminism and love binary solutions. They have the street gangs of the right on their side. This is the culture war that is coming..

The root to a Lobour victory depend on recognizing that a significant section of the leave vote that the other 20% did not vote leave through prejudice or a right wing outlook. They voted leave because it was a protest against centrist neoliberal economic policy. Only a Corbyn government can reach across and inspire this section of the leave vote. The people’s vote bloc cannot do this. The only way now is a Corbyn deal that combines a soft Brexit with a Customs union and alignment with the single market. Even the DUP must realise that the Corbyn plan kills the backstop.

The opposition to the coming Corbyn government will be from this 32%. We must now begin to construct a majority for socialism and a tolerant social outlook. The struggle is not only about socialism but about culture. There is no middle ground any more ..let’s remember what the Lib Dems did and what the tiggers will seek to do again. Our real opponent now are the economic and social policies of the bluekippers..the culture wars are here..and the Lib Dems and the tiggers cannot be trusted particularly on economics or culture. A “people’s vote” on their terms will be both a poisoned chalice and a Trojan horse..

Hague warns the Tory Party that it is in a worse condition than 1997. David Davis warns that there must be new leader who can beat Corbyn. Better decide which side you are’s too late now for little tiggers and Lib Dems to be out there..there are monsters amongst us…