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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.So of course it’s Saturday, I do actually have the day off, so what could more natural than without the safety net of an alarm I wake up at four thirty am? Insomnia always rules with me folks.

And it’s foggy out there. I can even see it at four thirty in the morning. Perhaps that I can’t see it at four thirty in the morning, and when I mean it I mean almost everything else other than the fog.

Had to drive through it last night. Not pleasant I can tell you. Visually it’s as if you’re attacked by cotton wool.

Of course tomorrow is Mother’s Day. Presents have been bought for wife/mother by daughter/me. They have basically been Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing On Ice based with some added extras. We’re going out for a meal tomorrow. Hope it’s Ok.

I must admit that this week my posts have been somewhat sporadic. That’s because things have actually moved with regard to us buying a house and I’ve had to do some work on the process. Haven’t got into details before and won’t do so here for now but it has all seemed to be like an obstacle course. Thing is whilst we still haven’t got to completion stage this seems to be the last obstacle now. But then again…..

Have finished Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury and thankfully it’s exposure of Donald Trump and his presidential office is just as good as when I chatted about it a few weeks back. Won’t tell what book I’ve taken out of the library in it’s stead but regular readers will think it’s the most stupidest choice I’ve ever made….and they’d be probably right.

Actually have some plans for today. When I say plans I mean going to my Leave voting and adamant with it barber (scrubbing up well for the Mother’s Day Meal tomorrow you see) so that will be fun. Have no intention of chatting politics with him. After all he will have a sharp object round my face at the time.

Hopefully I’ll be able to watch a local rugby match this afternoon as well. But we’ll see.

You know I’ve learnt that one of the best things about the afternoon/evening shift is that you’re cut off temporarily from the madness that is the long dark Brexit of the soul that seems to be on the horizon if the supposed “Mother of all parliaments” doesn’t get it’s act together. But people in Wales can see that the Members of Parliament are deadlocked and it’s certainly true that independence as a movement is growing because when all other alternatives seem hopeless you look for the only sane option left.

Going to stop now. Have an idea on a separate post about Chucky Cairns.

Until the next time.