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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.It’s been a long while since I’ve chatted about Secretary of State for Wales, and walking microdot Alun “Chucky” Cairns but yesterday something happened to a Tory MP in England which made me think about the blog villain again.

Dominic Grieve staunch Remain campaigner has lost a vote of confidence by his local constituency party, thus paving the way for his deselection as an MP. Now he’s a Conservative so I’m not going to say he’s a wonderful human being. But he stuck by his principles and noticeably did not leave the party to join “The Independent Group” as other Remain supporting MPs did. This is however how the Tories thank him for having independence of thought.

Which leads me to Chucky….

Do you know how he’s voted in Theresa May’s maddening “meaningful votes”? Did he vote for? Did he vote against? No he abstained.

Now what does say about Chucky? Some might say that he abstained so that he keeps his options open for the day the current sub Prime Minister leaves office screaming into a darkened room somewhere. Not me of course.

Who knows then ? What his local constituency in the Vale of Glamorgan (who incidentally voted to Remain in the EU referendum) should expect – especially as a member of the cabinet and it’s only Welsh voice is a decision. Instead what you get is nothing but waffling piffle that leads to no action at all.

At least Nero fiddled when Rome burned. Chucky it appears is not even doing that.

Well actually that’s not quite fair. In TV interviews he blamed the current situation on the Labour Party, Now let’s pause here.

Labour have not shrouded themselves with glory either. But they are not, even in name only, the government of the disunited Kingdom. Also it’s not Labour that have made him abstain unless there are some incriminating photos that we don’t know about.

So Vale of Glamorgan Conservatives you know your duty for Wales.

Chuck Chucky.

Until the next time.