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 The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven..” 
― John Milton, Paradise LostWhat is that so many leavers want to leave? What is that the remainers want to remain in? The world has changed. Many leavers want to return to a world that never was. Many want a world that has never existed. Some wish to leave so that a new society or economy could could be created. Perhaps a chance to return to an Eden that once was or might be.
For the remainers the world has moved on. For many that world ended in 2008 with the crash. For others it’s a return to the world of Blair and Brown. Capitalism has hit crisis. Neither Remained or Leaver can go back to what was it what was imagined. Too many leavers want a binary, white male answer. Too many remainers want a centrist solution when simply the middle of the road has shifted significantly to the left.

But what amazes me is the blank look in the eye of the leavers when you ask them about changing your mind. It’s as if you can’t do it. It’s as if you argue that once you have made up your mind that you can never change it again. It’s a mark of maturity and reflection often leads to it. We elect our parliament very frequently ..we change our mind regularly. We fall out of love with people we once loved. Often we fall back in love with them again. Change is part of life it’s only the rigid and narrow who tho k otherwise..To remain in a situation without change is also a poor place to be. Another world or situation is always possible.

If There’sa May can go for vote after vote. If UKIP can ask for vote after vote on its leader tben can we not do the same on the EU. I would still vote remain because of my love of European culture, history and lirmterature. I have travelled widely and know the feeli gs in the ancient places of Europe. I love Florence and Rome and the way the sun shines on the marble of Venice. I love the taste of the food and the wine of the Mediterranean. When I say these thing some blue kipper leavers tells me that they are not against Europe.Yet when I ask them about these things they go blank and their eyes glaze over. I see their loathing of all things European They know nothing of its history culture or outlook I look at the bland empty faced Nigel Evans and Mark Francois and I see that they have no idea what I am talking about. And that’s why I would vote remain again…
Brexit is a psychological event. It’s an ontological or epistemological problem of security or identity. Research suggests that it’s effecting our health both physical and psychological. It’s an essential reflection of our internal state , experienced under late capitalism in our schizoid society..

I reflected on Mozart’s opera performed for us as we joined some 45 years ago. It was a celebration of peace and hope I was 14 at the time.I knew that day that I was emotionally a citizen of Europe. I loathed the narrowness of the little Englanders I met at my prep school. The problem is at nearly 60 they are still there . They are just the same now I remember their prejudices and their outlook . They are as intolerant now as they were then. i see the same types aping an English outlook of the 20s . The racist words are back, the attitude of superiority returns. Theresa May apes a European outlook but we know it’s a ruse, a pretense of understanding and we leave ourselves vulnerable, class ridden and on the outside. Brexit is an excuse for the right to settle it’s scores. It’s been long planned and they are looking at us all right now….And i tell you now there will be no unity offered by them , they are not interested . They offer a grim future and such ilk as this will not experience any desire to unite with them from me…..

FFS I listen on Radio 4 to Ian Duncan Smith misquote Voltaire on Dr Pangloss. .we should do something about bluekippers misquoting Enlightenment and European philosophers…It’s not about things turning out for the best it’s “the best of all possible workds” so move on and get over it. Eh Jenni Jenkins? And face up IDS for the best possible Friday…my dire wolves and little birds tell me that the police presence outside parliament has significantly increased today..the enlightenment project is seriously questioned by the Brexiteer

The Brexit we get we deserve…Or do we?

I sleep fitfully on Brexit Eve. I wake early on Brexit day and catch an earlier bus. I feel like a child waking on Christmas morning who finds lumps of coal in sack at the end of the bed. I have been a bad boy all my life. I have been tolerant have let people live their lives according to their hopes, needs and desires. I do not think that any particular philosophy or belief have an innate right to be seen as superior or better. I do not think that my country right or wrong is a valid dictum. I know that there is no such thing as race. I know the history of my country with all its warts . I love continental philosophy and culture and know its warts as well. I celebrate Milton , Chaucer and Shakespeare. And i wonder maliciously how many of the little Englanders have ever read or would understand the words and language they use. Wordsworth we have become your “stagnant fen” have you ever read any of this literature Mr Farage? Have you ever wondered what you have done? I feel a profound sadness for the poison pen letter of article 50. This is a letter of the old, the bitter, the inward looking t
here is no celebration today, no celebration of our diversity, our multicultural , multiethnic society that has been like that for 10,000 years. It is not a letter that celebrates the languages spoken on this island Welsh, Gaelic, Urdu, Kernow and Yiddish, amongst many others. There is no coming together..There is a moving apart. Scotland, Northern Ireland , Wales even Cornwall look at ways to get themselves from this ‘kipper paradise’ we have become. The fog in the channel is cutting us off frkm Europe . The Mail’s headline ,’Freedom” is the freedom of blandness, sameness and intolerance, the freedom to be prejudiced , xenophobic and narrow. Long ago i heard the song by Emerson, Lake and Palmer it ended with the line ” the CHRISTMAS WE GET WE DESERVE” the problem is that today we are getting the Brexit that the hard right has given us . It is not what we deserve or need. The sack left at the end of the bed by a purple robed Santa Farage IS our reward.In that sack is a society doomed to the market economy, poor services, lousy civil rights and privatisation. We do not deserve these gifts…..

They sold you a dream of Brexit
They sold you a silent night
And they told you a fairy story
’till you believed in the ukipite
And you believed in Nigel Farage
And you looked to March 2019 with excited eyes
’till you woke with a yawn in the first light of dawn
And you saw him and through his disguise