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The General Election nears.. very soon it will become clear that there us no other way out. As the ghosts of the Repeal of the Corn Laws near. There will simply be no other choice than for Remainer Tories to vote in a no confidence and bring down Theresa May. Indicative votes may well solve nothing and no other option but an election will be possible. If a new Tory leader Is elected they will need the legitimacy of an election. In that election Corbyn will win. Labour activists outnumber the Tories 7 to 1. Labour funds are brimming and outnumber the Tories. As the polls reveal a neck and neck position of the main parties Corbyn will put on between 5 and 8 percentage points brought about by effective campaigning and enforced balanced reporting. The Brexit Party and UKIP will fragment the right wing vote as the “Brexit betrayal” narratuve bites.. a Labour government nears….Corbyn is coming . ..