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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Regular readers may remember that in December 2017 I fell down at work on my right knee. At the time there was throbbing and a noticeable swelling. However it didn’t stop me walking or continue working. Nor did it stop me driving although changing gears did hurt.

There was as it happened no opportunity for me to go and have it checked or indeed ring up a solicitor to demand compensation as per those ads. For my mother was then severely unwell, (she would be going later to hospital) and so from late 2017 to about March the following year I was in Essex exile looking after her.

In the meantime my knee continued to bother me. But amazingly when I returned to Wales it slowly got better, That was it. Problem seemed to resolve itself. Life goes on.

But now whilst there is no swelling the throbbing has returned. I came from work last Friday. Sat down to change clothes and all of a sudden the throbbing returned. No swelling yet. Again it doesn’t stop me from doing things. But like a bad smell it makes it’s presence felt.

So what shall I do? Obvious solution is to go the hospital but what will that do? I feel a fraud given that nothing is stopping me from walking or driving or mountaineering (as if I ever did that before). Other people with more urgent and obvious ailments should be in the queue before me.

Unless the swelling returns, or the throbbing continues by next week I’ll try to shake it off. But otherwise I will have to take medical advice. And if it turns out to be too late well if you see a man walking around in a cane around the Vale of Glamorgan then it might turn out to be me.

Until the next time.