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Hello there. Hope you’re feeling well today.Last year, during the Plaid Cymru leadership elections I wrote a post saying that it was my gut instinct that Adam Price wouldn’t win and citing his suggestion that Plaid should change it’s name as an example as to why.

So much for my gut instinct.

But I come back to the issue as recently talk has reemerged in the Welsh media about this. Indeed Twitter led me to an article in a design website where designers suggested ideas on what it should be changed to (presumably pitching for that commission). So I, with all the expertise that being a fifty five year old Eastender (albeit a member of the party) will now argue that Plaid should keep it’s name.

I will in some respects be rehashing the arguments I gave in that previous post with regard to this name change idea but as this issue has returned I don’t feel it’s unreasonable. Also to those who will say “Well he won the leadership election didn’t he?” Well yes. But it doesn’t mean that every idea Mr Price has uttered is a good one. Don’t forget that before the election he advocated joint leadership of Plaid Cymru. An idea which quite rightly has died a death.

One of the reasons trotted out for a change is that the name is in Welsh. Well let’s stop there. How can a single Plaid Cymru member advocate changes supporting the Welsh language when it’s name is changed to an English one. How can opponents to bilingual road signs be argued with? With one change ammunition would have been given to the leader of Welsh UKIP Mr Creepy.

Furthermore in my twenty one years of living in Wales I’ve never heard a conversation which went like this:

Voter One : “I’m not voting for Plaid Cymru”

Voter Two: “Why?”

Voter One: “Cause it’s name is in Welsh”

And as we apparently need to a lot these days let’s look at Ireland, specifically Northern Ireland. Of the major political parties there Sein Fein is the only one with a non English name. Yet it hasn’t stopped it becoming a major political force there. Indeed it’s name helps establishes it’s political philosophy whether you speak Gaelic or not.

A change of name (especially to the proposed example which I’ll come to in a moment) will be a perceived as a waste of time and a betrayal of it’s underlying values for voters in Wales even if they don’t speak Welsh. It smacks of political tackiness.

And let’s come to the proposed new name. “New Wales”. I mean how lame is that? It either will be seen as a throwback to “New Labour” or sounding like an extreme right wing group. As a name it’s a lazy choice, a choice that lacks inspiration. Oh before you ask what’s my suggestion I don’t have one. I don’t need one. I’m happy with Plaid Cymru thankyou very much.

As an issue it’s a waste of time, money and resources. Debating it alone will distract Plaid from the far more important issues facing Wales today. Needless to say voters will not thank Plaid for it.

But I will suggest a name change for when you see Plaid Cymru banner you will also “Party of Wales” next to it. Ditch that. No one will care. Just leave it as “Plaid Cymru” and then fight for all of the people living in Wales against the arrogantly incompetent unionist parties who just don’t care about the voters.

Ultimately actions speak louder than words.

Until the next time.